A tourist films the whole thing from a bad angle

After Charlie’s funeral, Hank refuses to take a new partner and goes on patrol alone. He encounters Earl, as Earl is trying to get the keys he locked in his car. Hank assumes that Earl is a car thief, and Earl inflames the situation by insulting Hank. Just as Hank is about to arrest him, a “big ass bumblebee” shows up, and Earl demands that Hank get rid of it, claiming to be allergic to bee High Quality replica Bags stings. Hank tries to swat the bumblebee with his nightstick. A tourist films the whole thing from a bad angle, making it look like Hank is brutally beating up Earl. The video is then shown on the news, followed by pictures of Earl with big bruises on his face (actually, the result of a bee sting). The African American community is in an uproar, and the LAPD and the DA decide to make an example of Hank to calm them down. A biased court finds Hank guilty. Hank is fired and sentenced to 6 months in jail, which he chooses to spend in solitary to avoid being killed by black inmates.

Designer Replica Bags Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: The angels all have a very strict Thou Shalt Not Kill Muggles policy; according to the Almighty, all humans, no matter how cruel and violent, are sacred and untouchable to the angels until they actually die with sin, upon which said protection no longer applies. This reaches ludicrous levels in Act IV when it’s revealed that Hokuto, despite having become a monster and being an Omnicidal Maniac planning to resurrect Alucard to bring about The End of the World as We Know It, is still off limits to the angels because he was born human and thus still considered as such by the Heavens; the angels are so set in their laws that they’re going to just sit back and do nothing as Hokuto destroys the world they’re supposed to be protecting. Designer Replica Bags

replica handbags china We obviously love Justice, Daft punk, Danger, Kavinsky, Mr. Oizo, Sebastien Tellier and all the big stars of the french electro scene. But we also want to give a shout out to all the indie, and less famous artists out there who share the same passion for great electro sound. Like Kolt13, Anoraak, Grum, Planck, Pyramid, Darius, Russ chimes, Plastic Plates, DatA, Phonat and many others. We actually put together a Big List of French Electro artists we love. Their sound is definitely disco ish, pop ish with a lot of 80s synth in it. Not trashy, dirty or clashy like the ones from Justice. Also, we all know daft punk for their heavy and distorted sound, but around the world is not a banger sound, and something about us is clearly funky rather than electro per your definition.The thing is, what I noticed with many french electro artist, and again I not just talking about french people, is that the groove is something very important in the sound. No matter what it has to be funky and has a great vibe to it. That how I qualify frenchelectro, nice melody, great groove, funky bass, 80s moroder feeling for the main part. But also nice crafted breaks, ultra layered kicks and snares with some heavy sidechain compression in it. It can be banger like Justice or simply soulful like breakbot, in my mind they both qualify for frenchelectro. And that what this reddit is about.EDIT: perfect example is this track from Dilemn. It starts very slow, with some nu disco vibe, then progresses to a more dance floor tune with some slight hints of distorted sound, until it reaches its full dirty ed banger tone! Dilemn chose to put all the styles, all the influences of french electro in this track. While other french electro artists focus on either the funk (like grum) or the banger part (like carte blanche)! replica handbags china

Replica Bags Hammer Space: Lampshaded by Tycho, who wants to know about Max’s “pockets” (this doubles as a Mythology Gag since Sam famously asked Max the same). Headdesk: In the vein of his source material, Strong Bad sometimes does this if a bad card turns up during a one on one showdown with the player. Especially hilarious because he doesn’t say a thing during it, he just has this look while he slams his head into his cards and chips. This gets more hilarious if the game decides to start his headdesk animation and a conversation started by him at the same time. Strong Bad will continually hit his head against the desk while talking in his normal tone of voice as if nothing is wrong. Heroes Want Redheads: When Tycho describes his significant other as a redhead with glasses, Heavy gets really excited. Turns out he can be pretty remorseful about his job when he’s not shockingly sadistic, and he’s got a pretty good handle on Russian literature. Also, he enjoys a good peach bellini. See Smarter Than You Look. Hypocritical Humor: Strong Bad, as can be expected. All of the characters, particularly Max and Strong Bad, will mock you for being a wuss if you check, and then immediately proceed to check as well. Idle Animation: As of a recent update, everyone will occasionally show an animation that they have a bad hand, like a Face Palm, a concerned look, or a repeated Head Desk. Imagine Spot: One of the Heavy’s losing a hand is him flipping the table and massacring the players. Immediately afterwards, he sternly asks for a new hand to be dealt. Immobile Player Character: Excluding the opening cut scene, the Player sits completely still for the duration of the game. I Need a Freaking Drink: When Tycho is eliminated, he’ll head to the bar and remain there for the rest of the tournament. In Series Nickname: The Heavy keeps referring to Strong Bad as “Tiny Heavy”. His explanation does not amuse Strong Bad. Max calls the Heavy “Mr. Weapons”. Strong Bad calls The Heavy “Heavym’n” or “Ivan” and Max “Bunnym’n.” Strong Bad calls Tycho “dork” and “nerd rancher”. Inn Between the Worlds: The Inventory, where video game characters hang out while nobody’s playing their games. Laughably Evil: It’s made abundantly clear that each of the four players are. well, psychopaths. But goddamn are they hilarious! The Magic Poker Equation: Averted, much like Poker in Real Life. You may find yourself holding a Ace and a King of the same suit quite regularly, but don’t expect the flop to produce that straight flush. Manly Tears: When The Heavy loses Sasha in a bet Replica Bags.

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