A war between the protagonist Vlad Taltos and a rival Jhereg

A Blondie strip had Dagwood and his friends telling their boss, Mr. A war between the protagonist Vlad Taltos and a rival Jhereg gang boss named Laris causes so much damage and disruption that the Empire sends Phoenix guards to stop the fighting. The guards are suddenly withdrawn with no warning, allowing two of Laris’ hired killers to stage a surprise assassination attempt on Vlad..

Therefore, you can’t let your government just, you know, go willy nilly into the codes. And yet, those of us who have not spent our life as you have dealing with encryption, dealing with code breaking, dealing with secrecy, tend to be intimidated by the argument that when Apple does this, they are preventing the FBI from doing its work. And you’re basically saying that’s, that’s nonsense..

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