After all, each new zombie was a potential meal

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canada goose store SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe editor of the Calgary Herald testified Thursday that steps were taken to remove from the web a contentious article that led to a lawsuit by former television journalist Arthur Kent.MORE CALGARY NEWS Distracted driving penalties ‘a start for Alberta,’ says victimMORE CALGARY NEWS Alberta royalty review delayed until JanuaryLorne Motley said the Herald’s parent company, Postmedia, attempted to suppress the 2008 column written by Don Martin on its websites as well as in its Infomart archives after Kent filed his suit and demanded the article be taken down.”The story should be very difficult to search or call up,” Motley told a defamation trial Thursday.”You really shouldn’t see anything on Infomart. There would be a notation saying why it’s being restricted.”Online you would not be able to find it.”Court has already heard that the article suddenly re emerged in 2012 on the Ottawa Citizen’s home page, as well as on websites of other papers across the Postmedia network.Kent described it as a “Lazarus article.” He testified that he complained to an editor at the Citizen, who agreed to take it down, but the column was resurrected within a day.Motley acknowledged that had happened.Arthur Kent column defended by Calgary Herald editorArthur Kent defamation trial hears ‘Scud Stud’ was ‘rogue’ candidate”The article was dealt with by employees who did not know the litigation that was ongoing between the parties. When those familiar with the litigation became familiar over what happened, there was a decision to unsuppress the column,” Motley said.Kent’s lawyer, Kent Jesse, argued that the reposting was an effort to put pressure on Kent to move the lawsuit along canada goose store.

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