All Your Base Are Belong to Us: The Russian embassy in the

Special Guest: Usagi!? What are you doing here? The justice force, led by Silver Sentry Super Powered Evil Side: Kyubi!Naruto and Isis Took a Level in Kindness: One of the first things Kin does upon her accepted Heel Face Turn apologizes to Sakura when she decides to live among Konoha, after hearing that Orochimaru basically didn’t care about her. Sasuke is also on better terms with Naruto and Sakura here, and Sakura eventually stops fanboying over Sasuke while also being on better terms. Trash Talk: Neji was a more passive example than most. A Day In The Lime Light: While the main body of the text follows Griboyedov, many other characters get some portions dedicated to their own POV, sometimes in an unique frame (Professor Adelung has a diary, for instance; General Sipyagin gets a drunken monologue that alternates between Tear Jerker and Crowning Moment of Funny). Pretty much all of them are noteworthy in some way. All Your Base Are Belong to Us: The Russian embassy in the penultimate chapter.

Replica Handbags Men Don’t Cry: Averted by almost every male character, even Adolf. Me’s a Crowd: Bao from the Chinese team has the sea squirt as his base, allowing self replication by “budding”. Mind Rape: A Terraformars is subjected to this by Sylvester, who seems to enjoy introducing the concept of fear to the creatures. Genius Loci: Some Earthbound are incarnate in a location rather than an object. This makes them even less mobile and flexible than others of their kind, but also harder to get rid of permanently. Smashing an idol is one thing, but how do you destroy a whole mountain? Glamour: The Lore of Radiance. Compare Body and Host, Jekyll Hyde and Sharing a Body. Literal version of My Sibling Will Live Through Me. They’re siblings, but who’s the boy and who’s the girl? Good question. Replica Handbags

Replica Valentino Handbags Of course, since the story takes place on another planet altogether, this comes with an easy Hand Wave here. Bilingual Bonus / Visual Pun: Dutch speakers will note that Grendel escapes by jumping into the gracht (moat) of castle Gracht. Come Alone: “They always want you to go alone when you’re walking into a trap. The Dragon: Fergie’s associate Rusty, though Doug effortlessly dispatches him at the end. Drives Like Crazy: Gloansy’s skill is as the getaway driver. However, his driving during the police chase in the North End counts as he drives through narrow one lane streets at speeds in excess of 60 mph, and causes multiple pileups to occur while trying to evade the police. The FAQ’s own counter, of course, says that “X people still don’t understand how the counters work on my site.” By far the longest instance of this involved a 2004 article titled “Looking for a safe stance on abortion? Me neither”, where the counter at the bottom read that “x people will vote for me not realizing that I can’t run for president until 2016.” Come November 2016, a full twelve years later, and Maddox updated the article to announce that he would actually be running for President. But Wait, There’s More!: In his BuzzFeed rant, after talking about how the unsourced images add nothing to their articles, Maddox starts talking about how the articles themselves were plagiarized by saying, “But wait, there’s less!” Catch Phrase: He is quite fond of the word “dipshit” and claiming that something (himself roughly 4 out of 5 times) rules. Caustic Critic: Several movie reviews, along with his Ikaruga review randomly turning into mocking Tekken’s character design Replica Valentino Handbags.

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