Although the final Bosnian team didn’t win

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canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet store The restricted area on the left side from Federico Fernandes behind beyond the small angle shoots lowly, the ball across the net from Romero between his legs, but this goal is Bosnia Herzegovina in the team the first goal in World Cup finals, the Argentina team since being forced to use biglia for Aguero to strengthen the defense. Although the final Bosnian team didn’t win, but the game they show their own style, display game statistics, Bosnia and Herzegovina team goal number reached 15, more than 11 times of Argentina, the shot is 10 cheap canada goose outlet 5 more than two times as many as 9 rival, Romero himself to save save Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina and therefore can’t integral with the Canada Goose Outlet first Canada Goose Sale World Cup finals. Ai Ma.. canada goose outlet store

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