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cheap canada goose jackets 08:57, 28 SEP 2017Updated10:14, 28 SEP 2017The UAE is building a 100 million ‘Martian city’ in the Emirati desert to simulate life on the red planet (Image: Government of Dubai) The “Mars City” project was unveiled at a meeting of the UAE government this week and will consist of gigantic domes covering a 1.9 million square foot area.It will house a team of researchers who will live there for a year carrying out experiments involving food, water and energy needs on the distant planet. The UAE hopes to eventually build a fully formed Martian settlement within the next 100 years.Moon crash mystery SOLVED after 11 years as scientists discover resting place of Europe’s first lunar missionSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, ruler of Dubai, said: “The UAE is a great country with vision and understanding of the challenges we face and the rapid changes our world is experiencing.”We believe in the potential of space exploration, and in collaborating with global partners and leaders in order to harness the findings of this research and movement that seeks to meet people’s needs and improve quality of life on Earth.”The project is part of the UAE’s overall “Mars 2117 Strategy” which involves establishing a human base on Mars that will house up to 600,000 people, complete with oxygen supplies and inner city transportation.”The landing of people on other planets has been a longtime dream for humans. Our aim is that the UAE will spearhead international efforts to make this dream a reality,” the Sheikh said.’Astronauts’ aboard 8 month Mars isolation mission reveal what they missed most about life on EarthHe also said that the knowledge outcomes of the research project will be available for all international research institutions; adding that the objective of the research is to contribute in facilitating people lives on earth as well, mainly in the domains of transportation, energy and food.Saeed Al Gergawi, manager of the scientific and research committee of the World Government Summit, told CNBC said people will be offered incentives to make the journey to Mars.”We came up with that number [600,000] because it’s like someone going to an exotic island, not everyone can go first, then we get advancement of rocket tech, which makes people move there easily, then the advancement of oxygen tech to make it more earth like, which would incentivize people,” he said.The UAE’s plan isn’t the only one for sending humans up to Mars cheap canada goose jackets.

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