Andrew himself is introduced in a montage of furious drumming

Currently, in an effort to decrease the size of its obligations, the city is negotiating to decrease the amount it pays retirees. The current proposal is to pay $.16 on the dollar. A pensioner who could expect to receive $30,000 a year in retirement would receive $4,800.

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Early on we see a lot of indications that the series is set in the mid to late ’90s (certain cars used by the racers being treated as current or even brand new during the time, also Takagi’s flashbacks to “15 years ago” shows a 4 year old Keiichiro Aizawa with 1980’s cars, notably his dad’s Mk. Honda Fits, etc.) are from the mid 2000s when the anim was made. The series seems to fix itself in the latter half though where things start to feel more like the mid 2000’s.

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