At the start of the next season

Companion Cube: Guilfoyle names his server “Anton” (after Anton LaVey) and treats it like a person. Dinesh accuses him of having sex with it. Conspicuous Consumption: Very common in Silicon Valley, both because of how many new millionaires the tech industry creates and how the culture of the industry is partially based on looking successful. Hooli uses very expensive technology that seems futuristic but isn’t ready for regular use, most notably a hologram conference call that doesn’t work. Discussed and displayed a number of times when successful entrepreneurs spend huge amounts of money on lavish parties to rub their success in the faces of rivals. The series opens on one such party, and Peter Gregory and Erlich both host later examples. Russ Hanneman drives neon colored supercars and wears expensive designer jeans covered in studs. Gavin takes a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, because he wants to take a walk and there’s a nice trail near his house there. He runs into Jack Barker at the air strip and it turns out they’re both going to the same place and coming back the next day. They agree to spend the flight playing chess online from their separate, private jets. Gavin has his head of security take seven multi leg trans continental flights and calculate the average travel times of each leg in order to prove that Jack Barker had insisted on taking a longer and more expensive route. Jian yang, after selling his app to Periscope, buys an obnoxiously fancy smart fridge simply so he can rub his success in Erlich’s face. Courtroom Antics: Played with in “Binding Arbitration.” When Big Head is dramatically introduced, the back doors opening, Big Head is shoved in through a side door. Also, Big Head doesn’t understand how to answer questions that begin “Is it not true.” Courtroom Episode: “Binding Arbitration,” although it is more of an Arbitration Episode. Covers Always Lie: Geary Street Organics sounds like the name of a health food store. I mean, they have some edibles there. They’re not very healthy.

Chew Out Fake Out: In “Bring a Sidekick To Work Day”, The Flash reprimands Kid Flash for stripping Wonder Woman in public, then whispers “Superspeed high five!” Chunky Salsa Rule: A skit with a tabletop RPG subverts this trope. A werewolf is reduced to goo by a gatling gun and cremated. His ashes are snorted and subsequently shat out. He’s still alive because it wasn’t a silver bullet. Clucking Funny: One sketch was a version of “Law Order”. with chickens. Cluster Bleep Bomb: In the Bitch Pudding Special, Bitch Pudding lets out a long string of F bombs as she rolls down the side of a volcano. Almost every time she bounced, she swore, finally ending with one long, drawn out “FUUUUUCK!” at the end. The entire sequence is 23 seconds long! (If you listen closely, you can hear some of the echos between the bleeps.) Also previously done in a sketch where Mumm Ra pulls a Mrs. Doubtfire, only for his bandages to get caught on the stuffed body of Snarf (long story), gets unraveled, and BLEEPs up a storm. Joe sketches. Cool and Unusual Punishment: Rambo recalls all the terrible punishments he suffered through while he was locked up by the enemy. the Extra Terrestrial, being forced to listen to Rick Astley, and engaging in dance numbers, among others. Companion Cube: Wilson the Volleyball ends up getting washed away from Chuck Noland, and soon finds himself being passed around a series of other people, each of whom act like he’s a real person. He is. Contest Winner Cameo: In Universe. Robot Chicken once held a contest to win a PlayStation 3 in between seasons. At the start of the next season, the winner of the contest got stabbed to death by Seth Green. Couch Gag Vanity Plate: The Stoopid Monkey at the end of every episode until Season 5. Creator Cameo: Happens with a lot of the show’s personnel during the Season 2 finale. They get killed. And then return as zombies. Creator’s Pet: Parodied in universe. One sketch featured the producers of Star Trek: The Next Generation figuring out how to get people to like Wesley Crusher, after the fans paid for a billboard threatening to ass rape Wil Wheaton if they didn’t kill Wesley. The episode airs, and all Snirkles does is play a “space banjo song”. The fans change the billboard to read “Kill Wesley. Keep Snirkles”. Wil Wheaton, after seeing the skit, said he would’ve loved to voice Wesley if they’d asked him. Credits Gag: The most common end credits gag is on the fourth to last screen, which always includes something flattering or positive written next to “Sarah Gellar” and “Mila Kunis” and something humorous written next to another crew member. This is an example from the episode “Maurice Was Caught”:Amazing: Sarah Gellar.

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