Badass Biker: Spawn rides a bike

A variation of this scam is the main modus operandi of Michael Caine’s character in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Michael Caine generally plays the Prince himself, and is in exile already (though in desperate needs of funds to finance La Rsistance back home) when he meets the mark (usually an unsophisticated, rich, FEMALE, American tourist). When Steve Martin comes on as Caine’s apprentice of sorts, Martin takes on the role of the Prince’s “special” brother to drive the mark away of her own volition once the money has been obtained. Thus, any unseemly violence (fake though it would be) is avoided entirely. (Caine is almost caught in one scene in the movie where he is recognized by a former mark while working on another one, using another identity, and has to use some fast thinking to prevent both from getting suspicious.)

Adapted Out: In the comics, Al Simmons was killed by Chapel, a character from Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood series. Rights issues made it impossible for Chapel to appear in the movie, so the character Jessica Priest was created as a replacement. McFarlane ended up replacing Chapel and inserting Priest into the comics. Adaptation Distillation: Besides cutting out the connections to the other Image Comics because that would take too long to explain, the movie cuts out a lot of pointless supporting villains and makes it all about Simmons versus Wynn, and gets rid of all the mystery surrounding Simmons and explains his history right away. Badass Biker: Spawn rides a bike, even though he really doesn’t need to. Big Bad: Clown/Violator, with his boss Malebolgia as the Greater Scope Villain. Big “NO!”: Spawn gives one out after finding his locket, combined with Dramatic Thunder. Blade Below the Shoulder: Cogliostro can turn his arm into a glowing sword. The Cameo: The policemen arresting Wynn are supporting characters Sam and Twitch, who got their own spinoff book. Car Fu: Clown drives a truck into Spawn, who protects himself with his cape. Children Are Innocent: Spawn runs into his human daughter Cyan after secretly observing a lecture given by his former fianc Wanda. The little girl isn’t afraid of the imposing figure and innocently notes his weird (burned and scarred) face before exchanging names. Dead Man Switch: CIA director Jason Wynn had a device installed near his heart that, if his heart ever stopped, would send a signal out to an automated system designed to release a devastating virus all over the earth. Oddly, even the “normal” members of the CIA are shown thinking that this was a good idea (“Now, no one will dare kill you, sir!). It apparently never occurred to anyone to think about what would happen if he got into a car crash or had a heart attack. Deal with the Devil: Al’s bargain with Malebolgia. Devil, but No God: The movie centers around a character who’s been to Hell and several demons, yet no angels or indicators of heaven appear in the movie apart from one character lamenting that God gets all the capable dead. During this Spawn never discusses or even considers the possibility of trying the other side. While Spawn was sent to Hell, keep in mind it was punishment for murdering innocents and being an abusive husband, so he brought it on himself. Dual Wielding: Priest saves Wynn from Spawn at the last second by opening fire on him with two automatic rifles. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: “Loved” may (or may not) be overstating, but Wynn is actually saddened when Priest’s body is wheeled away after she’s killed by Spawn. Forced to Watch: After Clown’s plan is foiled in the climax, he prepares to rape Wanda in front of a beaten Spawn and forces him to watch. Cogliostro intervenes to prevent this, prompting Clown to retreat to Hell.

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