Badass Bookworm: Ozzy praised Lemmy on being incredibly well

The Alcoholic: Lemmy admitted he was an alcoholic, claiming to have consumed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on a daily basis since the late ’70s, but didn’t care because it didn’t turn him into an asshole. He was also known to say that he couldn’t quit drinking because “My insides are in an alcohol solution, and without it they’ll die.” He did finally cut back on his alcohol consumption after a serious health scare in 2013; he went from drinking a fifth of Jack every day, to screwdrivers (vodka orange juice). Typically, when his manager asked him why he was drinking screwdrivers now, Lemmy replied, “Orange juice is good for you.” Audience Participation Song: Invoked in “The Chase Is Better Than the Catch” where, during the break, Lemmy repeatedly sings “Let me hear ya”. Awesome Mc Coolname: Lemmy Kilmister. That is his real last name. Axe Crazy: “Red Raw” is about a murderous individual prowling in the night, looking for someone to kill. One verse (Monster in the gaslight, shivers in the cold, looking for a bad girl) gives an impression that the song is about Jack the Ripper. Badass Bookworm: Ozzy praised Lemmy on being incredibly well read and intelligent, often packing his luggage mostly with books. When he was writing lyrics for Ozzy he’d blown through a World War II book Ozzy lent him in an hour and wrote the man three sets of lyrics for “Mama, I’m Coming Home.” Badass Grandpa: Lemmy. Dude rocked harder than most people a third of his age until his death. Badass Boast: “Orgasmatron”:I hold a banner drenched in blood, I urge you to be brave

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