Blind Man, a Serial Killer from urban myth, has been deemed a

The game takes place in a fictional, but unnamed prefecture (Known as Prefecture S) and village (Known as Village C) where players take on the role of Saki Hojo, a female police officer who has been with the force for a few months after graduating from the local police academy. Blind Man, a Serial Killer from urban myth, has been deemed a suspect for killing people in the prefecture by taking their eyes and tongues out. Due to this problem, the National Police Agency has brought in Sojiro Sekimoto, an ex university occultist professor who was arrested in 2012 for being involved in the death of a university student under his watch. Thanks to a distant relative in the Public Prosecutor’s Office note He didn’t ask for it, though., he was placed in the custody of the S Prefectural Police. Sekimoto and Saki team up, relying on the former’s expertise to determine if Blind Man is someone trying to take advantage of the urban myth or if the paranormal really is starting to get involved. But the Blind Man case isn’t the only one Saki and the police need to investigate.

Louder Than Love (1989), a somewhat less stressful recording in spite of Hiro Yamamoto’s isolation and eventual departure. Received good reviews but sank on the charts due to distribution problems and Moral Guardians throwing a hissy fit over “Big Dumb Sex” and slapping it with a Parental Advisory sticker. This and their next album were produced by Terry Date. Loudest Love EP (1990) Badmotorfinger (1991), marks the debut of Shepherd and is their first really successful album thanks to being synchronized with the Grunge explosion of the same year. “Jesus Christ Pose”, “Outshined”, and “Rusty Cage” were all fairly big hits, and while they were never released as singles, “Slaves Bulldozers” and “Searching with My Good Eye Closed” are both longtime fan favorites. Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas (1992), released as a special edition second disc of Badmotorfinger sold only during Lollapalooza tour, 1992. Superunknown (1994), the band’s breakthrough and biggest success, going straight to 1 on the charts. Contains their biggest hits “Black Hole Sun” and “Spoonman”. Cornell didn’t like working with producer Michael Beinhorn because of his obsession with capturing the perfect sounds (commenting that by the time they had recorded a song they’d already rehearsed it to death), but admitted the sound created by him and engineer Brendan O’Brien played a part in the album’s success. Songs from the Superunknown EP (1995) Down on the Upside (1996), their last pre breakup album. This time they opted to self produce to avoid the tediously slow frustration of Superunknown. It didn’t have anywhere near the same impact as their predecessor but was reasonably well received. A sides (1997), a greatest hits album rushed out after the band disbanded. Telephantasm (2010), another greatest hits album, including some unreleased songs. The two disc version features all of their videos. Live on I 5 (2011), a collection of live tracks from a 1996 tour, and a few covers. King Animal (2012), the first since the band’s reformation. Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path (2015), a collection of mostly rare recordings. The regular edition is triple, Originals, Covers and Oddities. A one disc edition with just the Originals CD (and even then, with a few songs missing) also exists.

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