Both free apps serve as one stop shopping resources for summer

“I was surprised it was this year,” says Spencer. “I haven’t really done anything.” Except lead a team of seven Ferguson employees to raise $10,000 for the heart association and launch 27 co workers towards better health through a 10,000 steps a day (5 miles) challenge. Participants paid to join the challenge, paid a fine if they missed the weekly pedometer check in, and the bottom three finishers also paid at the end, while the winner took home $100..

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replica celine handbags The app also provides a listing of Bird specials, CTA information, and even an alarm notification right before your meter is about to expire. Among the best Android apps to explore the Chicago summer are ChicagoWay Everything Chicago and Chicago Travel Guide Triposo. Both free apps serve as one stop shopping resources for summer fun.While there is an unofficial Android app client for Everyblock, the best way to access the service from Android and other mobile devices is via its mobile site. replica celine handbags

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