Both the H100i and H100i GTX

Both the H100i and H100i GTX are 240mm radiators, however the GTX is 3mm thicker measuring 30mm thick, allowing for more surface area for heat dissipation. This indeed can be a good thing and we have to find out if this helps the GTX become an even better contender in today saturated AIO cooler market. The design of the radiator is also significantly more aesthetically pleasing, as a silver strip was added along both sides, sporting the Corsair name and logo..

Baking tools She was taken to Coffs Harbour Hospital. The male passenger of the vehicle is currently assisting police with inquiries at Coffs Harbour Police Station. Aninvestigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting is underway. Airdrops with ammo and food for the 141st were called off by dense fog or landed in German hands. Many Germans didn’t know that they had cut off an American unit. “We didn’t know that we had surrounded the Americans until they were being supplied by air. Baking tools

Decorating tools Photo: Claremont Diner/FacebookCLAREMONT DINER CLOSING Tomorrow, Oct. 31, will be the last day for Claremont Diner. The East Bay Express had the scoop, reporting that the owners are retiring. “There are no criteria to attend the dinner. Saturday in the school gymnasium. Lunch available. Decorating tools

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Silicone mould Popsugar’s Lifestyle Expert Brandi Milloy joined us live with diy tips on how to throw the ultimate Game of Thrones party at home. For more information on Brandi and her tips, you can go to POPSUGAR. The owner of the Bread Basket Paul Delagnes also joined us with a Game of Thrones cake that he created. Silicone mould

Fondant tools That is the time many are the most angry and hurt and helping each other is the last thing they want to do. But, if you are following good Ex Etiquette for Parents and co parenting, you “Put the kids first” (Ex etiquette for Parents rule No. 1). A VERY DICKENS CHRISTMAS: Head down to the Modesto Certified Farmers Market and the McHenry Mansion on Saturday for old time holiday fun. There will be crafts and candy and both the Clauses (Mr. And Mrs.) on hand to make everything seem merry and bright. Fondant tools

cake decorations supplier Phoenix has gone patriotic in the kitchen, and any Fourth of July revelers looking for an extra splashy dessert to haul to the neighborhood barbecue will benefit. Meet the Cherbluble, a colorful cousin cake decorations supplier to the Cherpumple, a treat that basically takes the zany principles of the original dessert and adds some red, white, and blue flair.And while pumpkin pie is a staple of the Cherpumple, a colder weather dessert, you won’t find it here; rather look for cherry, apple, and blueberry, a fairly faithful rendering of red, white, and blue, if you count the whiter insides of the apples.Free 4th of July Fireworks Shows in Southern CAGet it? Cher=cherry, blub=blueberry, le=apple. Cherbluble! Say it three times fast.Some white cake and red and blue food coloring make the non pie parts of the oversized sweet stand out, visually cake decorations supplier.

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