Carville is better known for coining the phrase It’s the

The idea of a second chance comes from other leagues. Instead of a kickoff format, high school, NCAA, and CFL football games use what’s called the “Kansas Playoff”,note named because it was first developed for high school football in that state where after a coin toss to decide possession, a team starts a drive directly from a designated position in the opposing side of the field. In the Kansas format, each team gets a chance to score. A touchdown, field goal, or turnover ends that possession, allowing the other team to try from the other end (if a turnover directly results in a touchdown, the game ends there). The process repeats if both teams match scores for that round. After two rounds, the point after kick is removed, forcing teams to attempt the riskier two point conversion instead.

Replica Handbags The characters are, at least in part, based on real figures. Jack Stanton stands for Clinton himself. Susan Stanton stands for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Burton is based on George Stephanopoulos, though the real figure shared duties with James Carville and David Wilhelm. Richard Jemmons stands for James Carville himself. Carville is better known for coining the phrase It’s the economy, stupid. He originally used it as a sign note on in Bill Clinton’s Little Rock campaign headquarters. It ended up becoming a political slogan. Libby Holden is thought to be a Composite Character which combines Betsey Wright and Vince Foster. Wright is credited with establishing the rapid response system that was responsible for defending Clinton’s record in Arkansas and promptly answering all personal attacks on the candidate. During the 1992 campaign, Wright coined the term “bimbo eruptions” to describe rumors alleging extramarital affairs by Clinton. Foster was a highly regarded lawyer and a close confidant of Hillary. He participated in the early administration of Clinton but reportedly commited suicide in 1993. The suicide note commenting “I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport.” The event has drawn its share of media attention. There are theories that he was Driven to Suicide and Conspiracy Theories which consider him murdered. Replica Handbags

Replica Designer Handbags Actual Pacifist: Your character, in the game. If you’re facing a hostile that wants to kidnap you, normally the only thing you can do is run away. Late in the game you can find a machete that’s supposed to be used for cutting through undergrowth. You can go on a killing spree with it, though, if you don’t mind watching your mana go poof and the game becoming Unwinnable by Design. Agent Mulder: Neric. The closest thing to a cynic this society has, he’s been questioning the social setup and working on breaking the big conspiracy from inside the Ol Zhaan for a couple years before Raamo and Genaa come into the picture. Green sky society has a strict social class system called “honor ranking”. By this system, Neric is trailer trash. His parents were “wasted” Berry addicts living on charity. He was Chosen to become an Ol Zhaan believing he’d be so grateful that he would never question anything. Agent Scully: Genaa. She has no psionic ability, accepts Ol Zhaan privilege readily, and has a burning hate for the Pash shan she thinks stole her father. It takes a while to convince her of the extent she had been lied to. Her father was Director of the Academy, an inventor with an extremely high rank, and she’s used to a high class life. All Your Powers Combined: The thought dead power of Uniforce, two or more people using their Psychic Powers in concert. Ambiguously Brown: The Erdlings, sort of. One of the striking things about Teera’s appearance when Raamo and Neric first find her is how dark her skin is. Apparently this is because the Erdlings spend a lot of time in places where the sunlight can get through the Root, though they can’t. The Kindar, meanwhile, are largely protected by the canopy; orchard workers like Raamo’s father wear protective clothing when they have to work in the sun. Do you know what she says caused its darkness?The sunlightshe explained that all Erdlingsspend many hours daily in the areas where the tunnels run between the aisle of the orchard trees. And the sun, she says, falling down between the grillwork of Root, quickly turns skin to that strange golden hue Replica Designer Handbags.

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