Changing the keys to work as wallet items should be much less

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Hermes Kelly Replica Also, with Anet spaghetti code, implementing this item will probably remove Elementalist from the list of classes available at character creation, and make all Guardians left handed.On the other hand, the wallet has many of these features already, including display of items, automatic storage of items in it, and exterior visibility (by the vendor interface). Changing the keys to work as wallet items should be much less problematic than what you proposed: Items were turned into wallet items before (the gizmo part of the crowbars can be removed, nobody would really care), and changing the chest opening Replica Hermes Handbags code to look somewhere else should be fairly straightforward.(Note: I not saying put them in the wallet. I want a keyring interface, that works off the wallet code, with a button right next to the wallet button.)A part of me likes the convenience these key ring/wallet suggestions could bring, but they all raise the same question: In the case of keys that are freely purchasable with other currencies, what is the point of having these key items at all if we would simply spend them from the the wallet/key ring? Why not instead cut out the intermediate currency, have no keys at all, and just spend the base currency(ies)? More fundamentally: Why exactly shouldn we be expected to deal with these key type items as we would any consumable by carrying them in inventory? Because it inconvenient? Because it requires otherwise unnecessary inventory management? How is this different from the argument as applied to any other type of item that must be carried in inventory?I think the point of having the key/chest system at all is to add flavor to the way players are rewarded for participation Hermes Kelly Replica.

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