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DAVIS: Exactly. So I would say that there is a profound sense of maybe missed opportunity and frustration among congressional Republicans, but they still share the same end goal with the president. The president also, this week, talked about wanting to reform the tax code.

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Canada Goose Jackets From the prime minister to pro athletes, a number of prominent figures from across Canada are weighing in on Donald Trump’s election as America’s 45th president. Here is what some of them are saying:”Canada has no closer friend, partner, and ally than the United States. We look forward to working very closely with president elect Trump canada goose outlet, his administration, and with the United States Congress in the years ahead, including on issues such as trade, investment, and international peace and security.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau”As Canada works with the new administration, our focus in the Official Opposition will continue to be on bilateral initiatives that will contribute to the Canadian economy, create jobs, and enhance our collective security. Canada Goose Jackets

cheap canada goose outlet BRENDA VAN DER WIEL designs costumes for this production. As costume shop manager for the University of Utah’s Theatre Department, Van der Wiel has designed several dozen shows for the Babcock Theatre and the Classical Greek Theatre Festival. She also frequently designs for Salt Lake Acting Company and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. cheap canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Parkas I recently bought an ACER Aspire netbook for $350 at Costo. It has a 160GB hard drive in it. I love it. This year outbreak has claimed more than 900 lives in West Africa and has prompted the World Health Organization to declare it an event. A memo to staff on Saturday, Brampton Civic Hospital said the situation is unusual. Hospital several patients each week who have similar symptoms and are most commonly diagnosed with simple flu, viral gastroenteritis or stomach flu and traveller diarrhea, the memo stated Canada Goose Parkas.

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