Doeren also announced that two of the Wolfpacks

Doeren also announced that two of the Wolfpacks other three former players who competed along with Wilson in Super Bowl XLVIII will return for the spring game. Sweezy, a starting offensive guard for Seattle, will be on hand for all of the day’s activities and will be recognized on the field. Former Wolfpack kicker Steven Hauschka, also a starter for Seattle, had a previous commitment and will not be able to attend..

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Calling the uniforms “stupid,” Deadspin presented a video clip of last night’s game that had been modified to simulate what it looked like to people with red green colorblindness. The images show players running around in virtually identical uniforms, all of them wearing mostly white helmets, with white stripes on their dark shirts and pants. We did test the jerseys this summer on field and on television.

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