Dong jin even admits that Ryu is probably a decent guy

Watashi figures out how use her XBlaze and Nobody’s Phantom Memories to create a human body for Es in the XBlaze world and send her memories into it, leaving Embryo behind in Nobody’s Empty Shell body to maintain the Tsukuyomi. The Unreveal: Watashi and Imouto’s names are never directly spoken. However given the same appearances, voice actors, personalities, abilities, relationships and their appearance in BlazBlue via Amane fication, them being Nine and Celica becomes something of a Captain Obvious Reveal (in that game at least) at the same time..

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He lasted for 143 shorts under Lantz’s tenure, making him Lantz’s second most successful star. Pooch the Pup (1932 1933): A short lived attempt at giving Lantz an alternative series to Oswald. Lasted for 13 shorts. In Kamisama Kiss Nanami, an Ordinary High School Student, ends up falling for Tomoe, a Little Bit Beastly Kitsune. In addition to Super Toughness, Tomoe also sports quite a few magical powers such as shapeshifting and control over fire. He becomes more and more concerned about Nanami’s safety as the story goes on, saying things like “I’ve got to be careful not to get her broken.”.

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