Eventually, you will want to set up a sample course of five or

Although visual stimuli such as pictures and videos along with visual art forms like sculptures and paintings are all ideal in firing up children’s imagination, reading a story will still not compare to these things. This is especially true for books that do not have a lot of pictures, leaving a child to use his or her imagination. Reading stories is one way for kids to explore different worlds beyond reality which they themselves can invent in their minds based on the words given in a storybook.

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canada goose To train for this competition download a set of signs from the AKC website, find some like minded trainers and walk through the various behaviors until your dog has seen most of them. When training use treats liberally and lure the dog through the behaviors that are on the signs. Eventually, you will want to set up a sample course of five or six signs in a row and walk the course without treats. canada goose

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