For the next twenty years Lianne keeps Gongmen City in the

In The Vow, after Lord Shen’s father dies, he passes the stewardship of Gongmen City to Lady Lianne, Shen’s former fianc She’s not quite willing to rule the city, feeling it to be a form of betrayal towards Shen and his family, but the citizens hold a great deal of respect for the swan princess known for her beauty and kindness. She offers the city’s stewardship for the Masters’ Council, but they refuse it out of respect. It’s arranged that Lianne governs and rules the city, while the Masters serve as protectors and advisers. For the next twenty years Lianne keeps Gongmen City in the state of peace and prosperity while suffering for the past. She sleeps in her old guestroom instead of the rulers’ bedchamber and never uses the high lord’s throne, considering herself to be merely a temporary holder of the reins of power until the true ruler returns.

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