) Further, while Scott and Dargis focused on “The Best Exotic

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canada goose outlet sale Even more surprising, an even dopier film, “American Reunion,” the fourth installment of a creaky franchise, grossed some $235 million worldwide. (The two critics didn’t mention either film but understandably raved about “Moonrise Reunion,” a vastly better film, which has passed the $40 million mark at the box office.) Further, while Scott and Dargis focused on “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” as the international counterprogramming success story, that film has done less than half the business of “The Intouchables,” and is not as good a movie. The Times critics acknowledge that all these films still lived in the shadow of summer superhero epics like “The Avengers,” “The Amazing Spider Man” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” Scott even admired the Batman sequel, writing that he was “amused by its snarl of conservative anti populism respect the rich! Obey the police! Don’t trust environmental do gooders!” Is that what Chris Nolan was telling us? I’d like canada goose sale to offer the Batman director equal time canada goose outlet sale.

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