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The second day of events began with the second panel and discussion, leading into the Hermes Replica workshops, where all participants (now only approximately 125) were able to engage in thoughtful discussions on challenges and solutions surrounding the topics of training, funding, incentives and workforce sustainability. The information discussed and conclusions made can be found in the white paper put out by the FOR organizers (McDowell et al., 2015).Although many challenges arose thought the planning, organizing and execution of the symposium (as detailed in the Logistics of organizing the FOR symposium), the support from all of our academic institutions and speakers allowed for a very successful event that was the first of its kind for Boston. It has led to the interest of postdocs in New York City, the Bay Area, and Chicago in organizing their own symposia in a similar vein, in the hope of educating and continuing to gain support in proposing and enacting change that will greatly impact the Future of Research..

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