He more or less wrote the Disc’s book on military strategy

Doc and Drew know better from experience, but Doyle (who wasn’t around for “Black Monday”) not only doesn’t question the possibility but finds the persistent disbelief ridiculous. Artifact of Doom: The Kur Stone. Argost has assimilated the Kur powers from Zak’s Evil Twin from an anti matter Mirror Universe, and then does the same to Zak himself to become even more powerful. Beard of Evil: Lucifer has a mightily impressive one. Better the Devil You Know: Literally played straight in the first film, as former novice priest Thomas chooses to help the actual Devil instead of Gabriel. It’s made more bearable for him since he knows Gabriel is trying to take over Heaven and Lucifer is just trying to keep things pretty much the same. On the Discworld, the very word “tactics” is derived from a famous Morporkian leader of antiquity, General Tacticus. He more or less wrote the Disc’s book on military strategy, helped Ankh Morpork forge a mighty empire http://sbspor.com/?p=5789, and when given command of a satellite city state, promptly made the most rational choice in its self interest and declared war on Ankh Morpork (and won, of course). This is only partly why he isn’t much liked by Ankh Morpork’s modern leaders Tacticus was a Combat Pragmatist who tended to minimize his own side’s casualties, something the likes of Lord Rust consider cheating..

Wholesale Replica Bags Cool Sword: The sword of Julius Caesar. Serves as the MacGuffin. Eventually became Excalibur. It’s actually disturbing and hilarious at the same time. Anti Frustration Features: Added over the course of the series: All careers require you to have a certain amount of friends. However, the friends of anyone in the household count towards the friendship requirement, so you could have your working sims go out and work their jobs, while one (or two) sims stays at home and mingles with the neighbours and get friends. Catastrophic Countdown: Scotty has bare seconds to pull off his job in the Jefferies Tube. Quick! Cut to a commercial! Continuity Nod: While they’re speculating about what might live on such a strange planet, Sulu mentions the rock creature from “The Devil in the Dark”. Cutlass Between the Teeth: It’s a diagnostic tool rather than a cutlass, but this is how Scotty carries it into the Jefferies Tube. Wholesale Replica Bags

Replica Handbags Sir Swearsalot: Mick ‘The Bull’ Daly likes to use the F word a lot. Super Zeroes: “Dead Man”, a superhero whose power is being dead. It’s actually quite effective: Dead Man is rolled over on a stretcher towards the scene of a mugging. Just as in the multiplier effect of money gains in an up cycle is enormous, so too is the depression multiplier in a down cycle. It’s not that the homeowner is not getting the $50,000. It’s the school is not getting paid, the landscape project is put off, a new car isn’t bought, a vacation goes untaken. Fashion Show: Parodied. Jefferson absorbs a book about kung fu by Bruce Lee, but scrambles to find it again when the knowledge wears off. Instead he grabs a book about runway modeling, which the villain also touches Replica Handbags.

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