“Hunters across the province are invited to participate in

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canada goose store SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile”People are saying that I should be shot, that anybody who supports this should be dead,” he said. “People are hiding behind computers and writing nasty posts on Facebook and other social media sites.”Hunters across the province are invited to participate in Saturday’s tournament, needing only a rifle and a $50 admission fee, and are allowed to kill coyotes anywhere in the province where private landowners have signed off.Cash prizes will be awarded to the team that kills the most coyotes, typically seen as pests by rural landowners.According to one advertisement, there are side contests for heaviest coyote, lightest coyote, mangiest coyote and a wild card.Hunters then take their haul to a checkpoint to verify the kills are fresh and weigh them. Teams also must use “mouth blocks” dated pieces of wood strapped into the dead coyotes’ mouths to verify their kills.The coyote pelts will then be processed and sent off to the fur market, Paul said.According to Paul, the 22 hunters in last year’s tournament killed 13 coyotes.Listen to Paul’s full interview with CBC’s John ArcherCoyote killing should be monitored, says critic”The reason why everybody is up in arms about it is because there are cash money prizes involved,” Paul said of the hunt.Lesley Sampson, the founding executive director of Coyote Watch Canada a national wildlife conservation, education and research group says such contests are “reckless” and glorify indiscriminate killing.”I think it really flies in the face of conservation and there’s many, many ethical hunters that don’t engage in these kinds of activities,” she said Thursday.She said paid hunts are not necessary, and that other strategies such as removing the bodies of dead livestock immediately, as well as adding fencing and lighting can be used to minimize losses by coyotes.At the very least, Sampson says contests offering cash rewards should be banned outright, and that more controls should be placed on where and when coyotes can be killed in general canada goose store.

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