I learned a lot culturally in those four years man

Lol this article is very interesting. I am from the Caribbean and lived in the US between 95 to 99 for school. I have to admit that although I did listen to some rap before moving to the US, it is only there that I listened to it a lot more and got to understood what the lyrics meant because I had family and subsequently new friends in areas where the culture of rap seems to have originated NY City. Where I went to school (Connecticut) it was one percent black or less, no exaggeration for that particular school, but my family in the US lived in Brooklyn and I would also sometimes hang with black American friends at school from other parts of the US like California and the south. What I am saying is that I think not understanding is a cultural thing, because I only understood some of the lyrics in rap by having friends that came from NY http://themumbaifest.com/no-name-given-sis-although-both-revivals-gave-her-different/, the South, And west coast that are black. I had the same experience with rock too. A few of my black friends liked rock and some white ones liked rap a lot too but it was mostly vice versa. I learned a lot culturally in those four years man. This is a great article man. Seems like BoB Marley’s music had no cultural boundaries man. Wow, think i just wrote an article lol

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