If you do not take this precaution

Your math may be good but when you have a 40 $50,000.00 feedbill and about $ 800.00 amonth for health insurance just for your own family, electric bills upwards of $1,000.00 amonth not counting vehicle payments or repairs. tractor repairs or payment s, land rent, house payment, clothes for you and your family, food for same, regular expenses for your children they cost just like yours labor (minimum wage it you are any competion for your competion) Usually their housing and utilities are also your responsibility. Insurance for all these vehicles, houses http://www.wiseserve.net/2013/01/10/the-lead-in-announcer-also-did-introduce-phil-with-a/, tractors and such, equipment repairs almost daily, torn down fences, countless hours guarding your precious fertilizer that the druggies now steal to make their drugs not to mention the cost of the ferilizer, seed is also 3 times the price it was three yrs ago. I agree with the others I think everyone should have to run a farm for a year then you can stand up and speak and it is not just dairy what are you going to do when your milk and meat come from china? when we are all gone it will be too late for us then maybe you will come and farm.

Alien Blood: Has a tendency to get on your visor along with the droids’ Symbolic Blood. If you tell them to take up a defensive position, not only will they get there without fail except in very exceptional circumstances, but will hold it properly for quite a long time. If you go down, they will either rush to your aid or lock down the situation to the best of their ability depending on your orders. Artificial Stupidity: Despite the above, it is usually best for you to stay out of the line of fire between your squad mates and the enemy, especially when one is stationed at a sniper position since no member of your squad is Friendly Fire Proof. If you do not take this precaution, you can expect to see a blue energy trail passing through your torso on its way to intersect with the enemy and a commensurate drain on your shields and/or health bar. And things don’t always end well when they start throwing grenades. Bouncing off the door back toward the squad during a door breach, or using them on enemies that have charged into melee with you. Every enemy is painfully stupid. Justified for the droids, which don’t exactly have self preservation instincts, but Trandoshan mercenaries won’t notice you walking behind their cover to literally stab them in the back, slavers will lightly sprint into heavy fire wielding knives, and even Grievous’ bodyguards will walk straight into an EMP grenade if you throw it in front of their attack path. They searched me, but I, I hid the data pretty well.

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