Is it a biography or a “biography” of John Kennedy’s murderer

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replica hermes handbags In “Armies” Mailer perfected his self fictionalization. Vidal refers to “Armies” and “The Executioner’s Song” (1979) as “non fiction novels.” Classification of “Oswald’s Tale: An American Mystery” (1996), is difficult, too. Is it a biography or a “biography” of John Kennedy’s murderer, Lee Harvey Oswald? Don DeLillo’s 1988 “Libra” explores the same subject with more invention and supposition. For DeLillo the exhaustive Warren Report presented to President Johnson in September 1964 was a Joycean text, a “megaton novel” supporting the view of Oswald as sole agent. Mailer had the same original texts and additional fictional and speculative material that had accumulated in the eight years following the assassination. This made his task more complex. Mailer follows early Dos Passos, still popular when he wrote, in assembling and documenting his account, and Dreiser in detailing it. He is experimental and realist in equal degrees. Tolstoy he declares is his master: thanks to him, he escapes the solipsism of which he finds the Beats guilty, and dares to approach major themes. The present or near present tense is where he is most at home. Because of its sexual content it was slow to find a publisher but became a best seller. replica hermes handbags

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