I’ve been hinting at this for a long time

Councilor Tevos for her part does not seem to mind this change in affairs http://oppaed.nl/hes-released-one-nearly-ever-december-as-a-single-since-2011/, noting that she still enjoys all the perks of her position while no longer dealing with any of the responsibilities that she once wrestled with. I’ve been hinting at this for a long time, but you have to catch the hints (like the good/happy endings, this was a Code of Ethics thing, which is why we can’t show villains poisoning, or succeeding, or telling you their detailed plans that someone in the real world might copy or claim as inspiration, etc.)..

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Comments: The first in the genre of Fix Fics that sought to rewrite the ending of the strip so that it did not end up with the Unfortunate Implications that sacrificing one’s happiness for parental approval that wouldn’t be forthcoming anyway is the key to the good life.

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