Kanae is later murdered by Yhwach

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Replica Goyard Bags Yuzu Yamamoto of Bitter Virgin is in love with her childhood friend Daisuke. Her Undying Loyalty remained unshaken even after Ryuuken’s mother arranged a Blue Blood engagement between Ryuuken and Masaki. Although Ryuuken genuinely cared for both women, the arrangement was complicated by both Ryuuken and Masaki knowing they were romantically incompatible and by Ryuuken and Kanae knowing they were very romantically compatible but not admitting it. Only when the engagement falls through does a relationship between Ryuuken and Kanae finally become viable; they eventually Marry for Love, having a son named Uryuu. Kanae is later murdered by Yhwach, but her death provides the key to destroying Yhwach forever, the cost of which forever destroys Ryuuken’s desire to be a Quincy. The epilogue implies that Uryuu, once he learns this truth, also quits being a Quincy to join his father in the medical field. Replica Goyard Bags

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