Last month, Selma police were notified by the Dallas County

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china SELMA, AL (WSFA) Selma police officers took one of their coworkers into custody Tuesday as officials revealed that several items had been taken from the department evidence vault, including weapons.Adrianne Michelle Canterbury, 34, an evidence technician, was fired and arrested at Selma Police Department Headquarters and charged with several counts of theft, as well as an ethics violation for allegedly using her office for personal gain and tampering with evidence.Last month, Selma police were notified by the Dallas County school system that Canterbury son had a large amount of jewelry in his possession, which Chief Spencer Collier says turned out to be 37 fake gold necklaces taken from the evidence room.According to Collier, Canterbury was questioned about the jewelry and admitted to taking it out of the secure area where she worked.She was placed on administrative leave and separate investigations were launched into the matter by the department Internal Affairs Unit and Criminal Investigations Division.Police soon learned that three guns a GLOCK, Taurus 9mm, and Ruger.22 were also missing from the evidence vault.During a search of her home on Friday, Collier says police were able to recover two of the three missing pistols.The third gun, the 9mm, made its way back out onto the streets of the community and was used in a deadly shooting in Dallas County, the chief said.admitted to taking it and stated that was traded with someone for electronic equipment, Collier said.The homicide happened last month as a group of friends was riding down the road in the Sardis area, according to Captain Mike Granthum with the Dallas County Sheriff Department.Four teenagers, including the victim and suspect, were in the same car near the intersection of County Road 67 and Industrial Drive.The Dallas County Sheriff Department says the suspect, Ratravious Sanders, 19, whom Granthum identified as cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys a senior at Selma High School, managed to get a gun and was trying to show it off to his friends in the car.He was in the back seat and tried to shoot it out the window of the vehicle, but the 9mm malfunctioned so he brought it back inside to see what the problem was and it went off, Granthum explained.The bullet went through the front passenger seat and shot the victim, Rufus Williams, 19, in the back. The female cheap nfl jerseys driver, who is Williams girlfriend and Sanders sister, pulled the car over and the teens called 911. Williams was dead on arrival, officials said.Ratravious Sanders was charged with murder and is being held wholesale nfl jerseys without bond in the Dallas County Jail wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

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