Look for Whistler, Vail, and Denver on your shirt this year

Two drug combinations Two types of trials have been conducted to compare monochemotherapy with cisplatin containing two agent chemotherapy: comparisons with cisplatin monotherapy and comparisons using monotherapy with the non platinum agent. The relative benefits of combination therapy over monotherapy, shown in many publications, resulted in combination therapy becoming recognised standard practice (Splinter, 1990; Marino et al, 1995; Lilenbaum et al, 1998) and a number of phase III studies are currently underway or completed that investigate the relative efficacies of several new platinum containing two agent combination regimens (Table 1) (Kelly et al, 2001; Rodriguez et al, 2001; Scagliotti et al, 2001; van Meerbeeck et al, 2001; Schiller et al, 2002). No major differences were observed in terms of efficacy (objective response rate and survival) or toxicity.

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