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But after a leader of the German resistance network is arrested, Kurt is honor bound to go back and try and get him out. Teck then threatens to warn the Germans, which would make it much less likely that Kurt would make it back alive. The Exile: Kurt and his family had to leave Germany in 1933.

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Band saws are a stationary power saw with a blade running vertically through a platform. The platform allows the user to rest the material being cut on it and maneuver the material in multiple directions. Band saws can cut large or small pieces of wood stock, metal or tile depending on the blade the user selects.

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Later, Daniel and Lotor Purple Is the New Black: Daniel’s eyes, and in the first six or so episodes his hair. Race Against the Clock: During Episode 4, when the Voltron force has to rescue Coran from Wade’s moon base. Even on their way out, Wade taunts that they’re not going to escape in time.

Noodle Incident: Even though it’s alluded to in the flashbacks, as of yet we still don’t know what happened to Walker in Kabul that traumatized him and paved the way for his undoing in Dubai. The mutiny between the Exiles and the Damned which happened shortly after the 33rd’s botched evacuation is alluded to, but not explained. Papa Wolf: Crosby really doesn’t like people abusing Saito, or threatening Louise.

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