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Q: I’m caught on the horns of a car buying dilemma. We like the 2017 Honda CR V EX with all wheel drive, as well as other features not available in the LX model. However, I got warnings from two different mechanics about getting a vehicle with a turbocharged engine. The rap is on the consumption of oil as well as the need for premium gas. The last mechanic I spoke to said engine design is trending toward turbos anyway because of government emissions standards. And, using ordinary unleaded gas is an option, but the computer has to alter the settings to accommodate nonpremium gas, and that adds more complications to its operation. The oil consumption is not dramatic but still an issue along with the heat generated by the turbo. There are lots of vehicles out there with turbocharged engines. Ford, for instance, offers EcoBoost engines in 10 models, including the F 150 pickup. Back in the early days, like in the 1980s, turbo bearings were prone to failure and that led to oil consumption. And while not all of them live up to their promised fuel economy, some do very well. Whether you’re looking for performance, high fuel economy estimates, or reliability, it’s important to look at the ratings for each individual model you’re considering. A turbocharged engine, though, is no longer a good reason to eliminate a model from consideration.”

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