Monday, July 17, 2017: Closing arguments begin in trial,

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cheap canada goose sale The statements were made after deputies say they found the brothers dumping evidence at Mendon Ponds Park.Monday, April 24, 2017: The son of Paul Tucci, Theodore Tucci, is arrested after deputies say they found child porn on a computer. The computer was examined as part of the murder investigation.Wednesday, June 14, 2017: The judge rules that the four defendants will be tried together, in one trial.Tuesday, June 20, 2017: Jury selection begins in trial.Friday, June 23, 2017: Opening statements begin in trial.Monday, July 17, 2017: Closing arguments begin in trial, lasting two days.Wednesday, July 19, 2017: Jurors begin deliberations in the case.Tuesday, July 25, 2017: Jurors reach verdict in case. Mother Laura and son Colin are convicted of murder and other charges. cheap canada goose sale

canada goose jackets sale In May 2014, an intruder used an access key an Uber engineer had publicly posted on a code sharing site to access the names and driver’s license numbers of 100,000 Uber drivers, as well as some bank account information and Social Security numbers. It also requires Uber to put a comprehensive privacy program in place and to get independent third party audits every two years for the next 20 years. You canfile a public commentabout the settlement until September 15, 2017.. canada goose jackets sale

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