One more and he becomes the fourth player to hit at least 100

NOTES: Thome’s homer was his 99th in a Phillies uniform. One more and he becomes the fourth player to hit at least 100 homers with three teams, joining Alex Rodriguez (Mariners, Rangers, Yankees), Reggie Jackson (Angels, Yankees, Athletics) Replica Celine Bags Replica Celine Handbags and Darrell Evans (Braves, Giants, Tigers). Walters on the disabled list with a shoulder injury, and Gardenhire stressed to him that he needs to make the team aware when he isn’t feeling right.

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Celine Cheap The lakefront stadium, just south of the Field Museum and the bones of Sue the Tyrannosaurus rex, will be a sea of tie dyed shirts, and the sounds of bootleg concert tapes will fill the air in the parking lots. Certainly, there’ll be young people who never saw Garcia play among the tens of thousands of fans, but they’ll likely be outnumbered Deadheads who display more than a touch of grey. Senate.. Celine Cheap

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