Pro Tip: Spiders are not technically insects

Bland Name Product: Cubecraft. “Thrones of Ermagard” also seems to serve as a dragon version of shows like “Game of Thrones”. And “Blaartcraft” seems to be Warcraft with just goblins. Cool Big Sis: Rain to Drizzle. Draco in Leather Pants: In universe example, Drizzle has a crush on Mordomyr, the Big Bad of “Thrones of Ermagard”. Family Theme Naming: Well, technically their first names are Drizella and Rainier. Half Dressed Cartoon Animal: The dragons never wear pants, save for this one time Tater demonstrated why, come to think of it the only time they wear shirts is as pajamas. I’m a Humanitarian: Averted, and fake bags Drizzle wants people to stop asking about it. Just Friends: In one arc Tater started to realize he had a serious crush on Drizzle, but they both decided they wouldn’t make a good match. And they’re both just fine with that. Mayfly December Friendship: One was discussed in a strip on dragon lifespans. The dragon wasn’t even done growing by the time of his human friend’s death. Mundane Fantastic: Exemplified by the very second comic, Tater finds an enchanted forest glen, and Drizzle finds its Facebook page. Nightmare Sequence: Tater has a dream where a massive version of himself taunted him for not acting like a “true” dragon. Our Dragons Are Different: The main characters are modern day dragons, ones who’d rather play CubeCraft than burn villages, and eat tofu stir fry more often than knights. Dragons in Meadowhawk are also of comparable size to humans large and bulky, but still small enough to use computers and smartphones comfortably, and live in human style apartments. No Attack of the 50 Foot Whatever here. Or rather, they don’t grow large enough to not fit in human buildings until their 60s, and opt out of human society completely by the time they reach their full size at about age 100. Poke the Poodle: Drizzle asks Rain if she’s ever thought of doing anything dastardly and epic and terrible like their medieval ancestors, she says that she used to sneak into livestock pens and shear all the sheep for fun. Driz isn’t particularly impressed. Shaking the Rump: Drizzle does this to attract more views to her and Tater’s YouTube channel, where they’re hosting a Q vlog about dragons. She comes to regret it later, when commentators focus more on her showing off her scaly butt (either in approval, or with insults and scolding) than on the actual vlog. This is spoofed in a later gag comic, which points out that Drizzle’s tail is bigger than her actual backside, and mostly covers it up. The caption even reads, “Tailbutt: 95% Tail, 5% Butt.” Shout Out: The goblins in “Blaartcraft” seem based on those from Phoebe and Her Unicorn. Vegetarian Carnivore: Potato (Tater) Salad muses on what his medieval ancestors would think of modern dragons eating tofu and broccoli stir fry. Urban Fantasy: Dragons share the modern world with humans. And enchanted glens have ”Facebook pages”.

4 Ninjaxenomorph14th Sep 2013 03:25:34 PM from Texas, Texas, Texas, Relationship Status: Non CanonI’ve always felt the vigors could be made to work within the narrative of Bioshock Infinite if they just tweaked who was using them. Instead of being superpower drinks, make them a drug that alters your DNA on a fundamental level and is murderously addictive (so exactly what ADAM was), but have that take its natural place in the narrative of WAS Pish purity and white supremacy, and have it follow the historical parralel the white man spreads crack among the black man to keep him poor and keep him down. The drink is an addictive substance used by Fink to warp his workers into what he needs, while keeping them docile and willing to do whatever it takes to keep working for him. They simply never conceived that the powers could be used offensively, until Daisy Fitzroy led open rebellion. The initial first enemies that you meet are the Motorized Patriot and the Handyman, with Comstocks people only using the stuff when they get well and truly desperate, and must sacrifice everything they believe in (racial purity is the most important thing you can have), in order to survive against you and Fitzroy.6 RTaco14th Sep 2013 11:51:00 PMIt’s not impossible to voice your reaction politely. Seriously, that level of hostility is ridiculous.On the main topic, it’s so common that it doesn’t bother me too much, but I love it when developers make an effort to avoid it. Better yet, when the gameplay reinforces the story instead of merely existing alongside it (Ex: No More Heroes or Spec Ops: The Line).edited 14th Sep ’13 11:53:57 PM by RTaco7 Tarsen15th Sep 2013 12:12:29 AM from FC: 2165 5763 7629, Relationship Status: YOU’RE TEARING ME APART LISAN0.64243 on ISIS twitter blockbot. no joke.not quite sure it needed such a fanshypantz name tho.Pro Tip: Spiders are not technically insects, but actually skeletons made of congealed hate.8 Recon515th Sep 2013 12:42:40 AM from Southeast AsiaThe thing is, internal consistency is one of the very, very, very few set in stone rules for telling a good story. All Gameplay and Story Segregation is, when you break it down, is a series of “accepted” cases of not bothering with internal consistency.This isn’t a major problem now, but as video games age as a medium, there become fewer and fewer reasons why you shouldn’t have to bother with those internal consistency issues. It becomes less of a “we do this in order to balance gameplay and/or the story” and more of a Grandfather Clause approach to design, simply because it worked before, so why not do it again?Expergisc cras, medior quam hodie. (Awaken tomorrow, better than today.)13 Zeromaeus15th Sep 2013 12:13:15 PM from Neo ArcadiaThis isn’t a major problem now, but as video games age as a medium, there become fewer and fewer reasons why you shouldn’t have to bother with those internal consistency issues. We probably deserve it.

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