Take a deeper look into both NTSC and the Japanese language

When Kenpachi and Ichigo fight, their spiritual power initially matches. Feeling he lost the fight, Yachiru tells Kenpachi they’ll grow stronger together, and every fight after this shows that he is indeed stronger. When he comes close to death against Nnoitra, he suddenly powers up enough to defeat Nnoitra after appearing to do nothing more than swing his sword two handed. It’s eventually revealed that Kenpachi gains a power up every time he’s brought to the point of death. As a child, he was so powerful that when he met his first Worthy Opponent, he was so terrified of killing them and ending his first enjoyable fight that he subconsciously shackled his power. Each brush with death therefore releases more and more of that subconscious power; he eventually achieves the Shikai and Bankai weapon releases other Shinigami take for granted, learning in the process that Yachiru was his weapon all along.

Anti Hero: Lillian’s father was Type II during the Video Nasty crisis; he and several of his schoolmates played devil may care and lifted several copies of each of the 72 Video Nasties from local video stores in Oxford between 1982 and 1985. Armor Piercing Question: After mocking Takashi for a bit in Episode 30, Johan confronts him with a single question: “Shouldn’t a boy be eager to become a man?” In one line, Johan lambasts Takashi for growing to enjoy wearing girl’s clothing, mocks his attempt at reconciling his masculine self image, and forces Takashi to realize just how much he’s fallen short of his image of ideal “manliness.” Sasami shows up and yells, “URUSAI, YOU BASTARD! URUSAI! URUSAI!!!” as she whacks Johan, then she Bright Slaps Takashi for doubting himself and reminds him that he shouldn’t let Johan’s mockery keep him down like that and that he should be satisfied with who he is at the moment. Takashi resolves himself to ensure that Johan’s words won’t bring his spirits down that easy, and he transforms into Cure Mako just as his upgrade arrives. Arson http://seekuscorp.com/2013/07/23/at-the-same-time-the-feathermen-a-secret-group-of-former/, Murder, and Jaywalking: Johan is arrested several times throughout the series on charges of “gender discrimination, attempted assault, and hypocrisy”. The first charge is for the obvious; the second charge is for his scuffles with the Cures (it doesn’t help that there are several witnesses to each fight that ends with his arrest); and the third charge isn’t so much for hypocrisy in general as for badmouthing crossdressers while himself in drag. To Yamabara, that’s a special kind of hypocrisy, and not in a good way. Episode 33 adds a one off charge of “10 counts exposing illegal drugs to a minor” due to the allegations that Johan had unleashed an illegal hallucinogen into the backstage area and intoxicated 10 unknowing students. Big Damn Heroes: Principal Yoshikazu in the finale. Bilingual Bonus: Lillian tells Ashley in episode 3, “You should check out the TV systems here in Yamabara: the video’s quite coy!” Ashley replies, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Those unfamiliar with Japanese and British video systems would assume Lillian called Japanese video strong (or koi) or gentle (coy). Take a deeper look into both NTSC and the Japanese language, though, and you’ll understand that Lillian was actually saying that the video system in Yamabara is Never The Same Colour (or Kesshite Onaji Iro). Cardboard Prison: No matter how often the Cures actually have Johan arrested (most notably in episode 30 on charges of gender discrimination, attempted assault, and hypocrisy), he always escapes. His Joker Immunity wears off near the end of the series, though. Color Coded for Your Convenience: The color of the tights on four of the Cures indicate their respective spot in the Sensitive Guy and Manly Man or Tomboy and Girly Girl dynamics featured on the team. The Computer Is Your Friend: Skynet functions pretty much like its namesake from the Terminator franchise.

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