The Agenda for Peace (1992): In light of the UN’s increased

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canada goose outlet store He asked the Panel to assess the shortcomings of the then existing peace operations system and to make specific and realistic recommendations for change. The result, known as the “Brahimi Report” after Lakhdar Brahimi, the Chair of the Panel, called for renewed political commitment on the part of Member States, significant institutional change, and increased financial support. The Panel noted that in order to be effective, UN peacekeeping operations must be properly resourced and equipped, and operate under clear, credible and achievable mandates.The Agenda for Peace (1992): In light of the UN’s increased involvement in internal conflicts, then UN Secretary General, Boutros Boutros Ghali was asked by the Security Council to help define the role in the new cheap canada goose security environment of the post Cold War era. canada goose outlet store

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