The average amount of lepidopteran insecticides was 2

In terms of herbicide use, the amount of glyphosate was 0.60kg, almost equalling that of non glyphosate herbicides (0.61kg). The average amount of lepidopteran insecticides was 2.38kg, the majority of which were chemicals (about averagely 2.10kg), while the average amount of biological lepidopteran insecticides was merely 0.28kg. The average amount of non lepidopteran insecticides was 0.27kg, much lower than that of lepidopteran ones.

That a tough one, I haven been able to find a bag quite like this one. When I got it, it was simply called a pouch in an army surplus store. Being black, I don think it was a military issue pouch but more intended for something like a swat team member.

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