The increased surface area, combined with the duration of your

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Hermes Replica Bags We verbally advised each what could happen so they had the same benefit as Dustin did.The penalty proved irrelevant as Johnson finished three shots clear”I think every situation is unique and you’ve got to review the facts and do best you can. It’s a tough situation, we did the best that we could and we pretty comfortable with the process that we had in place.”Hall also defended the decision to impose the penalty, despite it appearing harsh on Johnson.Johnson insisted he was unaffected by the situation over the last seven holes”There’s going to be doubt in these situations, but on balance, based on the evidence that we saw, we are comfortable that a one stroke penalty was to be incurred,” he added.”With the rules of golf, it’s about getting it right and there are times when a decision has to be made and some will agree with it, and some will not. We had evidence that we had to act on. Hermes Replica Bags

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