The insurance market in India is growing at a fast clip and

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hermes replica bags The IPO (initial public offer) of GIC Re has many firsts to its credit; it is the first offer from an Indian reinsurer, and also the first issue that crosses the magical 10k size this year, making it the second largest IPO in Indian markets. The insurance market in India is growing at a fast clip and general insurance, which has the predominant share in Indian reinsurance market is still under penetrated and has a strong growth path ahead. The company, enjoys a near monopoly in the Indian market and the valuation of the offer at 3.4X post issue book (1.5X book with fair value change) is in line with global peers and looks reasonable in the context of a steady track record and macro opportunities.The IPO of GIC Re, being offered in the price band of Rs 855 Rs 912 (with a discount of Rs 45 for retail investors) would be open for subscription from October 11 to 13 hermes replica bags.

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