THE NEWS LEADERFort Defiance takes Valley District wrestling

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hermes replica birkin At Kate Collins Middle School as the Little Giants honor their seniors, while Wilson Memorial hosts Alleghany, Broadway and James River Buchanan, and Fort Defiance entertains Spotswood.Robert E.Riverheads closes out the regular season with its annual invitational.THE NEWS LEADERStrong finish helps Riverheads take team titleWilson will be at the 11 team Highlander Invitational at Glenvar High School in Salem. The Green Hornets will tangle with wrestlers from Chatham, Grayson County, Salem, Rural Retreat, James River Buchanan, Lebanon Replica Hermes Handbags Hermes Birkin Replica, Covington, Parry McCluer, Randolph Henry and Graham.Down the road next, it’s the Conference 36 tournament at Stuarts Draft for the Cougars, Buffalo Gap, Lee High, and Wilson Memorial, and the Conference 29 championships for Fort Defiance and Waynesboro at Western Albemarle.THE NEWS LEADERFort Defiance takes Valley District wrestling titleThe following weekend (Feb. 10 and 11) Strasburg hosts the Region 2A East tourney, while the Region 3A West championship are at Christiansburg. hermes replica birkin

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