The question of how the TSA goes about its business behind the

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cheap prada bags Memo to the lady with the hot pink luggage tag: The six cans of Libby’s pumpkin pie filling that you carefully knotted in that plastic supermarket bag for your flight to Australia are not going to explode.And to the Boise, Idaho bound photographer with the double locked “Golf Guard” case packed with tripods, you couldn’t have squeezed a bomb or much of anything else in there if you tried.By now you both know that your bags seemed suspicious enough to be tested for explosives by inspectors for the Transportation Security Administration before you flew Delta Airlines out of Baltimore Washington International Marshall Airport recently.The TSA leaves a calling card inside every bag it opens. Which isn’t many, and that’s a good thing, given that about 14 million checked bags will pass through TSA hands nationwide during the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend, when an estimated 24.6 million people plan to fly.Many will feel a palpable tremor of trepidation as they crowd around the baggage carousel, praying that their bag appears and fearing a visit to the dreaded missing baggage claim office.Fewer bags go missing and even fewer get touched by the TSA than was the case before bar coded tags. And the slick new systems to keep terrorist explosives off airplanes have reduced the need for agents to open them for further scrutiny.”The TSA isn’t even touching the vast majority of these bags,” the TSA’s spokeswoman, Lisa Farbstein, says.The question of how the TSA goes about its business behind the scenes at airports arose last month with an email from an angry doctor. cheap prada bags

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