The translators boldly sought to make this play

The very basis of their religion was held in the belief that as the Earth was the mother of all, it follows that everything was related to the great spirit. This holds true for everything. All matter living and even inanimate objects. Renderings of the cycle Instead of Sonnets and Octaves by the Symbolist poet Pavlo Tychyna, admirably tackling the challenge of his poetry so rooted in assonances and musicality, the playful punning poems of the Futurist Mykhail Semenko and an exuberant postmodemist, Viktor Neborak, the High Modernist meditations of Oleh Lysheha, and the impassioned texts of Ukraine’s leading contemporary woman poet, Oksana Zabuzhko. But perhaps Tkacz and Phipps’s crowning achievement is their award winning translation of Lesia Ukrainka’s verse drama Forest Song (1911), a canonical work of Ukrainian theater. The translators boldly sought to make this play, a Modernist riff on folkloric themes, speak to a radically different audience in the tradition of the recent stage oriented English translations of plays by Chekhov, Ibsen, and other major European playwrights from the previous turn of the century.

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