They decided to give the speech to stand up for those little

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping 27: Billed as the country’s toughest, route follows continental divide. Similar northeastern Oregon tour Aug. 3 10. College kids would come and say ‘you’re a lawyer Cheap Jerseys from china, tell us, is that true? If he becomes president we all will be thrown out of here?’ And the younger the person was, the more severe the reaction was, said Khizr Khan.They decided to give the speech to stand up for those little children, something they say Humayun would have done himself.was his education to us, under very difficult circumstances, under circumstances where other folks will shy away, he will stand up and help others, said Khizr Khan.While they wrote the speech together, Ghazala decided not to speak.that time I was like, a cemetery, just standing quietly, because I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t talk, said Ghazala Khan.They expected to go back home to Charlottesville with little fanfare, but the next morning, Donald Trump spoke out. Trump suggested that Ghazala may have not been allowed to speak at the convention.She said she shook her head when she heard.said, ‘why is he saying that?’ Because when he said in Islam, because of the religion, I just shake my head. He has not studied, or he has not any person to tell him that this is not Islam that we are from, said Ghazala Khan.Choosing to defend has placed the Khans in the spotlight, even back at see when you are faced with ignorance, there are two choices: stay quiet or defend, said Khizr Khan.Yet they have no calm that I have spoken my heart out and all America, all over the world, they received me like their own, so I’m very glad and I’m very thankful, said Ghazala Khan.At Monday night’s Charlottesville City Council meeting, the councilors will issue a proclamation honoring the Khan family. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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