This has been top of the club objectives for nearly two decades

When medical causes are ruled out as a probable cause, likely the behavior was learned or is the result of early life stress or trauma. For example, the dog may have learned the behavior from watching its mother eat feces in order to keep the whelping area clean. If the pup was whelped in a filthy or scary environment such as a puppy mill, or it experienced verbal or physical abuse from its owner as a result of housebreaking mistakes, then stress or trauma may be to blame.

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Fake Handbags CHRISTMAS Fair returns again this year and always this is a great club day and great event to be involved in. Details are as follows; Christmas Fair is on Sunday the 30th of November. We are looking for donations of all household items, unwanted gifts, books, CDs, spot prizes, electrical items etc. We are having two collection days, Saturday the 22nd and Saturday the 29th of November from 12pm 3pm in the clubhouse. All donations welcomed. During the week, the club finally got the keys of the new dressing rooms in Pearse Park. This has been top of the club objectives for nearly two decades, so to finally get the changing facilities our club deserves has been a huge relief. The new dressing rooms are state of the art and will be able to accommodate Juvenile, Ladies and Adult men at the same time. So we are asking all members to respect the dressing rooms and clean up after them. Maurice Kerrigan is also asking any members who had keys for the old dressing rooms to please return their keys. Congratulations to our senior hurlers, who put in a fine display to dispatch Kilmacud Crokes and reach the Final of the AHL2 play off. We hope that will be played this Sunday in the park, but no confirmation of this as of yet, so please keep an eye on the website. Crumlin GAA would like to thank Brenda Kiernan, the parents and all their helpers who ran a very successful bag pack on Saturday in Super Valu Sundrive. I also want to thank Super Valu for their continued support. Christmas Draw raffle tickets are now on sale from behind the bar or Maurice Kerrigan. Top prize is 2,000 with second prize a nice 1,000 Fake Handbags.

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