This made no material difference to the significance levels or

We also analysed data for each measure of change from baseline using baseline values, sex, and secondary school as covariates or cofactors. This made no material difference to the significance levels or mean changes between control and intervention group.Table 1 Change in body mass index (BMI), centile SD scores (z scores), and waist SD scores (z scores) at 12 months and 3 years after baselineView this table:View popupView inlineDiscussionA simple 12 month school based intervention focused on reducing consumption of carbonated drinks resulted in significant differences in the proportion of overweight children in the control and intervention groups.8 Two years after the completion of the study, however, the difference was no longer significant, and the number of overweight children had increased in both groups, although the prevalence was still higher in the control group. In the three year follow up, the only difference approaching significance was for the change in centile z score (SD score).

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