(Through January 27 at Florida Atlantic University’s Schmidt

Treats: Buy a big box of generic cereal, some raisins and some orange and black M and a bunch of those little plastic candy bags (you can usually get a few dozen for about a dollar). Fill each bag with a scoop of each and drop them all into a large bowl. For extra credit, make a handmade sign (the messier the better because messy equals scary) that says, “Do Not Eat Under Any Circumstance: Ghost Brains.” Kids will love it.

canada goose She tells Berkeleyside: archery, foraging, wilderness survival, zombie apocalypse training, blacksmithing, etc! The Adeline space is going to serve as Trackers central headquarters, office, and meeting space for its workshops and classes. Tony based Trackers on his personal work in outdoor education since 1992. And indeed it came to pass last month. canada goose

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