We just call it dark matter and dark energy

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hermes birkin replica You kind make my point with has to be something there. So where did that come from? You thinking in terms of what we think we know of physics, but who knows what the physics of absolute nothingness no temporal, spatial or other dimensions or measures is? Approaching it philosophically instead, any answer that involves will be followed by did that come from? in an infinite loop. The only answer that breaks out of the loop and resolves the question is back to physics. Can there be a model of absolute nothingness? If so, perhaps it will have popping into existence in empty space after it has space popping into absolute nothingness. The corollary I mentioned (the net total of everything is zero) may be testable someday, either High Quality Hermes Replica by model or some method of quantification. As of right now, for the part of the universe(s) we do know something about, we don even know what the large majority of it consists of. We just call it dark matter and dark energy, and wonder what it really is. hermes birkin replica

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