“We want it to be a park and we’ll do everything in our power

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canada goose Nearly 70 angry parents and homeowners all wearing bright red shirts attended the more than two hour hearing to oppose Pulte’s proposal, which they said would crowd classrooms, further clog traffic and drive up Cheap Canada Goose crime in the area.”We’re very pleased,” Conway Community Council Chairman Jackie Blake said after the vote. “We want it to be a park and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that happens.”Although the 36 acre tract on the shores of Lake George and next to Barber Park may seem ideal for a park expansion, arsenic contamination on the land has complicated the drive for more than a decade.Orange County opted not to buy the property for parkland because cleanup would be too canada goose outlet http://www.canadagooseoutlet.shop Cheap Canada Goose expensive.”Orange County has had 13 years Canada Goose Outlet to help you buy this land, and they haven’t done it,” Orlando council member Vicki Vargo said.What’s more, a park expansion likely could be negotiated only if Pulte were to give up its contract on the land, valued at more than $1 million. Zoning allows the property to be developed into 126 single http://www.canadagooseoutlet.shop/ family homes.The 4 3 vote to deny Pulte’s request for more dense, town home development was led by council member Phil Diamond, who represents the area, and was backed by Mayor Buddy Dyer and council members Betty Wyman and Patty Sheehan.Council members Vargo, Daisy Lynum and Ernest Page supported Pulte’s proposal.Dwight Saathoff, lawyer for Pulte, said his client would decide whether it would appeal the vote and Canada Goose Sale called the process that led up to Monday’s vote “political.”He said the city should not have been caught off guard by Pulte’s request because city staff knew the company’s intentions and the council voted to update the city’s growth management plan to accommodate the increased housing.”This was always contemplated for an even higher use than what we’re seeking now by far,” Saathoff said.He argued that dense development in an area already populated by apartments and single family homes is exactly what the city should be after.”This isn’t sprawl isn’t that what we want?” Saathoff asked.About six months ago, Pulte tried to clear the way for the zoning change with an agreement to pay Orange County Public Schools $833,000 to help alleviate any overcrowding the development would have caused.In part, Monday’s debate tested whether the City Council thought that agreement went far enough to protect the area’s students from congested classrooms.While Vargo called the denial an attempt to “micromanage” the School Board’s decision, other council members said it was the council’s responsibility to take a second look at the issue.”There’s no way in this world I could go out and look at my constituents in the face and say I didn’t vote to deny this appeal,” Wyman said.Sheehan, who cast the swing vote that defeated Pulte’s request, called the issue “as gray as my hair is getting.””My heart wants to go with the residents, but my head goes with the developer,” she said, adding that the land likely will “never be parkland” because of the contamination.But her vote wasn’t without some reservation.”I kind of feel in a way I broke my word,” she said, acknowledging that changing the growth management plan may have implied to developers that a zoning change would follow canada goose.

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